How is OneScript Licensed?
It is one License per client computer.

Do I need a special license to run the command line?

What required to install OneScript?
OneScript is a (64 bit) Windows application and command line that uses Microsoft SQL Server to store its data. It also requires .NET Framework 4.6.1 or higher.

What database can you create release scripts for?
OneScript can create release scripts for any relational database including Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, DB2 or any database that is changed with scripts.

What source control does OneScript work with?
OneScript works closely with Subversion (SVN) and Microsoft's Team Foundation Server (TFS). Since it also works with directories and files on a hard drive or a shared drive you can use it with many other source control systems.

Is there any help?
Yes, on our website www.OnceScript.com. From within the OneScript Client Windows application there is a menu option to open help and most pages contain a link to help for that page's topic.

Is there a limit to how many projects I can create in OneScript?
There is no limit on projects or source control connections.